Thursday 4 October 2007

Should we stop eating Kettle Crisps?

When Kettle Crisps launched a couple of years ago, it could be said that revolunisted the crisp market. Out went the standard flavours such as salt and vinegar, to be replaced with the far more fancy Sea Salt and Balsamic vinegar. They certainly cost more, but they just seemed to taste better. You knew how successful they had got when all the supermarkets started to produce their own upmarket crisps.

It appears that those of us who like to make an ethical choice about what we buy may now have to consider boycotting Kettle crisps. According to the Guardian, It appears that the private equity firm that owns Kettle crips has employed an American firm who specialise in union busting to dissaude their workers from joining a union.

Unions certainly are not perfect and often make bad mistakes such as the most recent tube strike. However, they do stand up for workers rights which is becoming increasing important in these days when firms are increasing relying more on temporary workers (Poor pay, no rights: UK's new workforce 24th Sept 2007)

Read the article Kettle Chips calls in US union-busters to stop recognition and make up your own mind

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marty21 said...

there is already a facebook protest group about the kettle crisp issue