Thursday 12 February 2009

Amazon and Frustration Free Packaging

Lots of companies talk about going green and doing their bit for the environment, when in reality its mostly just talk or what is now known as greenwash

Amazon on the other hand seems to have actually taken a positive step and talked to their suppliers about replacing their clear plastic casing with cardboard.

As Amazon doesn't need to display the items in store or worry about shoplifters they can dispense with those nasty clamshell cases that are a nightmare to open.

To find out more

Read Jeff Bezos letter explaning why they have done it

Arise John Prescott - Cyber Warrior

Since retiring as deputy prime minister, John Prescott has taken to Facebook to carry on campaigning.

In this case, his NO IFS, NO BUTS - PASS ON THE CUT Facebook group is asking RBS not to pay out their bonuses saying that it would be "morally and economically outrageous".

The Facebook group is being used to promote the Give Up the Bonus petition which as of today had 29,002 signatures

While I certainly havn't agreed with John Prescott on a lot of things, I think he has summed up the national mood here.

What I'd love to hear from someone at RBS is the rationale as to why they deserve a bonus. 

Last time I looked if the british taxpayers hadn't bailed RBS, they would all be out of a job, let alone a bonus. Yet somehow these people seem to think that despite their company losing £28 billion, somehow they should get rewarded for success.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Dear Wired Magazine / Chris Anderson

Over the past couple of years, we've enjoyed a love / hate relationship havn't we.

I love the new and interesting stories that you research and write and cover topics that others don't.

What I hate is the fact that despite triumphing the best in technology and innovation, it is seemingly impossible for you to be able to send a magazine outside of the USA without managing to lose them.

So far since subscribing in August 2008, you managed to only successfully deliver 2 issues and lost 5 which is not great. Granted you finally got them to me, but months after they hit the news stands

So lets start afresh....

You stop coming up with lame excuses about distributors and get me and I'll stop hasseling those poor people in customer service who I am sure are fed up of hearing from a moaning Brit

Sunday 8 February 2009

Where did all the money go?

The Guardian newspaper created a great graphic that explains where all the money went in the credit crunch. Perhaps the most scary thing is that actual amount of cash held by individuals and banks worldwide is $3.9 trillion whereas the total 'value' of all assets held at their peak was 290 trillion and these are falling past.

These include the toxic assets such as the derivatives and all the other wonderful financial instruments people decided to event.

The graphic can be seen here