Sunday 18 May 2008

The Strange World of Dr Who and Knitting

Those of us in the mid 30's age range can probably recall with fond memories, the Tom Baker years of Dr Who. While they will always be those who claim that Pertwee, Davidson or even David Tennant is the best, Tom Baker for most of us is the best Dr.

Part of the charm, was the ridiculous long scarf that he wore at all time and which seemed to serve no purpose.

According to Lucy Mangan in Thursdays Guardian, there is a whole new sub culture around Dr Who and knitting. Its all come to light after the BBC threaten to sue a knitter who was giving awayknitting patterns for the Ood and Adipose aliens. While she was charging for them, someone else was selling them on Ebay and the poor old BBC felt threatened.

Read The Guardian story - Hands off the Doctor Who knitting circle

Read the BBC's version - Dr Who fan in knitted puppet row

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