Monday 6 October 2008

One Way To Restore Confidence In The Financial System.

Have you noticed that there have been very few bankers on our TV screens saying sorry for the current mess. No wonder, the American public was a little reluctant to bail them all out last week

Now while there are some very deep rooted issues, one quick and easy to restore the public faith would be for everyone to forgo this years bonuses.

By everyone, I mean everyone - from the CEO's all the way down. That way no single person is held to blame and everyone shares the pain.

You might say this isn't fair on those people at the bottom, but last time I looked, people employed in the city of London still get paid more than people doing an equivalent job elsewhere.

This way, the general public sees that the whole financial sector is prepared to take some pain as well, and the money saved on these bonus could go a small way to recapitalise the banking system.

Hopefully none of these people are relying on their bonus to see them through - one would hope they have all been prudent to save some of their hard learnt money.

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