Thursday 25 December 2008

Louis Theroux and a Lesson in Extremism

If anyone out there is foolish to think that the only faith that has extremists are Muslims should sit down and watch the the excellent Louis Theroux documentary called the Most Hated Family in America.

He spends time with the Westoboro Baptist Church who picket the funerals of dead soldiers killed in Iraq as a protest against an America that tolerates homosexuality

Whats scary (as with all extremists) is that they are absolutely convinced that they are right. 

While they are currently only picketing churchs, synagouges and even hardware stores that sell Swedish goods (you'll understand when you see it), you can see how they could easily progress down the road to direct action or violence if they felt that Americca was slipping further away from them. 

Watch it on BBC IPlayer (short time only) or on Google Video

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