Monday 2 November 2009

Think You're Having a Bad Day?

If so, try reading this sobering article about life in Katine, Uganda and how its residents put up with issues that are hundreds time worse than what most of us have to deal with with on day to day basis.

To quote from the concluding paragraph

I've learned a little of something I have seen a lot of: patience. Many of the women I have met have a capacity for endurance that is extraordinary. No doubt they know that frustration can send people mad – remember the last time you were exasperated by some incompetent service, and then multiply that a thousand times. In lives this constrained, survival requires a strict emotional economy. And yet, along with that so often comes a wonderful warmth and an irrepressible humour – so many smiles, so much laughter. It is why every time you leave, you immediately want to come back – because the immediacy and strength of human connection, often so elusive at home, is tangible there.


Michael Feiner said...

This is really nothing compared to the stress, frustration and injustice faced daily by good boys and girls working in the city for investment banks.

The people of Africa should be blessed for not having to endure such grief.

As a gesture of good will I think we should send all these poor folk out to Africa to enjoy some well deserved perspective... (obviously perspective for the Africans so they realise how lucky they really are).

Charles Meaden said...

What an excellent idea - I'm sure a two hour stroll to get some water will be a welcome relief and gentle distraction from the worry of how many zeros their bonuses will have this year

Liam O'Farrell said...

Where would we be without banks eh? Tell me that!