Thursday 12 February 2009

Arise John Prescott - Cyber Warrior

Since retiring as deputy prime minister, John Prescott has taken to Facebook to carry on campaigning.

In this case, his NO IFS, NO BUTS - PASS ON THE CUT Facebook group is asking RBS not to pay out their bonuses saying that it would be "morally and economically outrageous".

The Facebook group is being used to promote the Give Up the Bonus petition which as of today had 29,002 signatures

While I certainly havn't agreed with John Prescott on a lot of things, I think he has summed up the national mood here.

What I'd love to hear from someone at RBS is the rationale as to why they deserve a bonus. 

Last time I looked if the british taxpayers hadn't bailed RBS, they would all be out of a job, let alone a bonus. Yet somehow these people seem to think that despite their company losing £28 billion, somehow they should get rewarded for success.

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