Wednesday 11 February 2009

Dear Wired Magazine / Chris Anderson

Over the past couple of years, we've enjoyed a love / hate relationship havn't we.

I love the new and interesting stories that you research and write and cover topics that others don't.

What I hate is the fact that despite triumphing the best in technology and innovation, it is seemingly impossible for you to be able to send a magazine outside of the USA without managing to lose them.

So far since subscribing in August 2008, you managed to only successfully deliver 2 issues and lost 5 which is not great. Granted you finally got them to me, but months after they hit the news stands

So lets start afresh....

You stop coming up with lame excuses about distributors and get me and I'll stop hasseling those poor people in customer service who I am sure are fed up of hearing from a moaning Brit

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